TCP Credit Repair & Restoration
Converts on Initial Credit Card Approval
Ages 21+
US Only, with the exceptions of Maine, Kansas, Minnesota, and Oregon.
Allowed Traffic: Email, Display, Social, Search, Push, Contextual, Native, Link Out, Inbound Transfers, Thank You & Exit Page, and SMS with Approval

Traffic, Offer & Category Restrictions:
No Incentivized (Offer Walls, Virtual Currency, Prizes, Content Locking, etc).
No Government benefit sites (Section 8, Grants, Food Stamps, etc)
No Craigslist or similar classified listings
No forced condition signups (I.E., Need repair before next step)
Cant be a condition of another product offer

Creative Requirements: 
Creative must be approved if not using TCP Creative provided
May not use “Free” in ANY creative
May not use “Improve” or “Increase Score” in ANY creative
No promises such as “score will increase X points” or “See an increase in your score in X amount of time”.
Publishers may not publish or promote anything alluding to The Credit Pros being a scam.
Publishers MAY NOT use or purchase domain names that are intentional variations or misspellings of

Logos & Brand Guidelines